Crete: Earthquake with 5.8 magnitude strikes Arkalochori

I am glad to share with you our results on Earthquake in Arkalochori Crete, Greece (M=5.8, 27/9/2021).

An ESRI ArcGIS Online Story Map presenting our approach to the earthquake event as well as the detailed results were created.

Also, a useful Web App via ESRI ArcGIS online Web App Builder was created combining our geodetic (DInSAR) results and geospatial data resulting in a Geospatial Intelligence product. This app can be an important asset for in-situ research of the earthquake event and its consequences.

Both are accessible via browser from any device!

Story Map:

Web App:

Harokopio University of Athens, Department of Geography

Karavias Andreas, Falaras Triantafyllos , Krassakis Pavlos , Parcharidis Issaak


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